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Paraprofessional for Pre K - 5

Paraprofessional for Pre K - 5

  • Paraprofessional: Pre K-5: ElementaryJobID: 427 
    • Position Type:
      Support Staff/Teacher Assistant

    • Date Posted:

    • Location:
      Madison County School System

    • Date Available:
      To Be Determined

    • Closing Date:
      Open Until Filled

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      1.  Two years of college or the equivalent as defined by state and federal regulations.


      2.  Paraprofessional license/certificate.


      3.  Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


    Reports To:  Principal/Teacher


    Job Goal:  Assist the teacher in achieving teaching objectives by working with individual students or groups to help students reach maximum academic achievement and to assist in the development of an organized, effective, efficient learning environment.




    1.  Work with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by the teacher.


    2.  Guide independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up and assigned by the teacher.


    3.  Administer, score, and record tests and other assignments at the direction of the teacher.


    4.  Assist the teacher in planning for and preparing instructional materials.


    5.  Operate and maintain equipment used in the classroom for instruction.


    6.  Distribute and collect homework and all other instructional materials.


    7.  Assist at all times in the supervision of students.


    8.  Keep bulletin boards and learning displays up-to-date and attractive.


    9.  Assist students while in the media center or computer labs.


    10.  Check and record student attendance and maintain accurate, up-to-date student records.


    11. Collect and record money collection from fundraisers, field trips, pictures etc.


    12.  Assist with supervision of students in the cafeteria.


    13.  Alert the teacher to any problem or special information about a student/students.


    14.  Provide the primary source of assistance for a substitute teacher in the absence of the regular classroom teacher.


    15.  Participate in staff development programs as required.


    16.  Maintain a high level of professionalism as defined by The Code of Ethics For Educators.


    17.  Comply with attendance requirements and avoid excessive absences.  Maintain accurate record of hours worked.


    18.  Regular and punctual attendance.

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