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Sign up for A1's Introduction to Welding Classes

Sign up for A1's Introduction to Welding Classes

Are you interested in Welding?

Are you wanting to go to Trade School but unsure which route you want to take in Welding?

Are you an Artist and want to learn how to do Weld Art?

Are you a Home Improvement Hobbyist or looking to be able to repair your own tools and house hold things?

Sign up for A1's Introduction to Welding classes today!

Age restrictions: 14+ (Parent must be present, at all times, with anyone under the age of 18)

Classes start at $175

Class length: 6 hours

Course Options:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick)
  • Gas Meral Arc Welding: Steel (Gas 75/25 mix)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding: Aluminum (Gas Argon)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: Steel
  • Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: Aluminum and Stainless
  • Industrial Prep/AWS Bend Test Prep

What the course entails is a introduction to Welding PPE, basic Welding History, Current AWS D1.1 Welding standards, and hands on experience Welding in all 4 Welding positions, should you feel comfortable attempting Overhead and Vertical positions.

You will learn how to manipulate the weld puddle, proper position, and industry Tips and Tricks. Depending on which course you would like to take, I will also send you home with a YouTube curriculum of videos to help hone your skills with whatever process you choose.

I do offer a Fabrication course but you will be required to complete the pre-requisite which would be my Mig Welding course.

In the Beginner class, once you feel comfortable in your process, you will complete a One-Shot Weld Coupon. The One-shot will require you to do Fillet and Groove welds on a T joint, Lap-Joint, Corner Joint and Butt Joint. Also, during your practice time you will be doing surface welds and working on Welding patterns.

For first time Welders, I would recommend taking Gas Metal Arc Welding: Steel (Gas 75/25 mix). Everything I will be teaching will be based off of AWS D1.1 Structural Standards.

Schedule your class today!

Phone: 470-297-9399


Website: www A1Fabrications com



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